Bank Interview Questions asked in IBPS Clerk 2014 Interviews

Bank Interview Questions asked in IBPS Clerk 2014 Interviews

Name :-
Tushar Parikh

Qualification :- B.Pharm

IBPS Score :- 123

Venue of Interview :- Dena Bank, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Panel no :- 2

After the document verification my num of today's interview was 6th.

I have done po interview at the same place so i was not nervous. I went there with full confidence not over .
In my panel ther were 4 people .. 3 Sirs and a Madam :)

I entered into the cabin and wished them good morning.

The questions asked in my interview are :
What is qualification?
B.Pharm from which college?
Why banking? (friend u can find better ans of this question from this site)
What is bank?
Types of account?
Types of advances?
What is difference between current account and saving account?
What is role of bank? Here they ask me that why bank is require?
RBI governor ?
Finance minister of India?
What is Gujarati synonym of salt? :d (it was surprising question for me i don't find but at a time i recall a name "subras") Then he ask me for other synonym of salt :d
What is national anthem of India?
Who wrote it?
Madam asked me about my introduction..
Then GA question of related proscription..
A question about my score?
At last they wished me best luck and hand shake with me

So my analysis from my interview and my many friend's that they are just asking the basic question like my one friend they ask for "gdp" "npa" "nationalijation" "lala lajpatray" (he astablish pnb ,so )

So friend no need to worry just prepare the basic terms of bank and my interview was in Gujarati. It was so much easy, the questions are familiar and the interview panel was friendly. ..

Best of luck Guys.... Cu in bank :)

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