10th Bipartite Settlement (BPS) Meeting | Bank Employees Wage RevisionMeeting Held on 06.02.2014 Updates | All India Bank Strike on 10 & 11February 2014

10th Bipartite Settlement (BPS) meeting/ Bank Employees wage revision talks was held on 6th February 2014 with IBA. In the today's Conciliation meeting with IBA arranged by CLC (Chief Labour Commissioner), IBA refused to raise the previous 10% offer. Strike stands and march on to strike on 10 & 11 February 2014. Just wait.. There is one more twist to this drama.

After IBA refusal to raise the offer and UFBU called for strike on 10 & 11 Feb 14 in 10th Bipartite Settlement (BPS) Meeting Held on 06.02.2014, CLC advised IBA to prepone meeting and asked UFBU to defer the strike. Thus, conciliation inclusive and Strike Stands on 10th and 11th February, 2014. Wait for next part - Whether IBA will prepones meeting and what will be its offer? Will they offer a lollipop for these childish unions? Just Wait & See this Big Drama..

If IBA agrees to prepones the meeting, there is very little time for meeting i.e, on 8th Feb 14 only. We will get more details tomorrow. For more details in future about 10th Bipartite Settlement (BPS) Meeting | Bank Employees Wage Revision Meeting updates keep checking the 10th BPS category link. Thank You.. Lets Fight for our rights!..


  1. Kindly update news about pre-pone meeting between IBA & UNION.
    Its held or not.If held thn wht outcome comes out.

  2. on the basis of 10th Bipartite Settlement (BPS) of All India Bank Strike on 10 & 11 February 2014
    All India Bank Strike on 10 & 11 February 2014 what will be the benifit for "substaffs" of banks in future??????

  3. Revision in merger of DA as on 1.11.2012 instead 1.11.11 (60.15%). Min. of 20% cushion on the above merged figure. Addl 10% towards HRA CCA SPL ALLOWANCE. Hospitalisation exps, LFC to be a separate one. No compromise on the above. Call for indefinite strike from March itself. Let there not be any compromise on the part of our great UFBU leaders. Do not attend the 3rd March IBA meeting provided there is a definite offer from IBA. Please do not let down the high expectations of all the bank employees who are sincere in their whole hearted support in the matter.

  4. SUJIT KUMAR CHATTOPADHYAY28 February 2014 at 18:33