IBPS Probationary Officers 3 Interview Experience

IBPS Probationary Officers 3 Interview Experience

Name : Diwakar Kothari

Qualification :
B.tech (CSE)

Date of the Interview :
3rd January 2014

Venue : Staff Training Center Sec-62, Noida

After the document verification process completion, at about 10am I entered the Interview room. There were 4 person in the panel. 2 Aged, 1 mid age and one woman. She didn't asked me anything but she and mid age person were writing something continuously. Both of the old men only in the panel did the questioning part.

Me: Good Morning All of you sirs and Ma'm.
O1: So Mr. Diwakar Kothari, Let us all know about you, your family background and educational achievements.

Me: After introducing myself completely I elaborated Educational qualifications and Family background step by step as they requested.

O2: Your father & brother are in bank. Any special thing about those banks ?
Me: PNB is the first Indian bank established in 1895 and is the one of the largest banks in India. And Bank OF baroda is the india's international bank having the maximum numbers of overseas branches by any nationalized bank. And both of the banks are in the top5 on the basis of their total assets.

O1: Good, You know the benefits of having banks in economy?
Me: yes sir. Because of the banks in india people now have a habit of saving, with the help of that money banks lend money to those people and firms who need it at thier Interest rate. Living standard of people rises. and Because of this banks maintain a large amount of money to invest it at RBI Resulting the economy to get strengthen .

M1: What is the benefits of Rural branches of any banks ?
Me: As us having urban needs, rural branches fulfill the needs of farmer or the people involved in micro and small business field. they take deposits there and then use that money to lend loans to the farmers for their various kinds of agricultural needs.

O2: Tell us about the RBI in brief.
Me: RBI was establised in 1935 under Reserve bank of india act 1934. After Independence in 1949 it became the nationalized bank and gained the power to control regulate all the banks and to maintain the money flow in the market by revising the monetary policy time by time.

O1: what happens in Monetary policy?
Me: Sir, RBI has to maintain the money flow in the market. Whenever the amount of money increases in the market, RBI Sell govt securities to the banks. Due to that excess money moves to the RBI when banks buy them. Same when its amount decreases then RBI purchase it from banks.

O2: RBI Purchases those securities, the rate at which it happens, what do we call it?
Me: Repo Rate sir.

O1: You know what is the repo rate now ?
Me: Yes sir, its 7.75 % now.

Woman and the mid aged man gave a look to each other and both of the old men joined them and with a smile the most aged person told me
"ab aap ja sakte hain diwakar ji"
Me: "Thank you very much sir and ma'm. It's been really nice talking to you"

My Suggestions : So I used only those terms in the interview which I already knew. Never use any word whose meaning you can't clarify in front of them. Never shoot guess answers at them. Smile, even if you don't know the answer. Just simply say " I don't know " rather than confusing with wrong answer to show them your false confidence. Be confident about your rights and honest about what you don't know.
And all the best to all of you.

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