10th BPS Settlement Updates: 5% Hike offered by IBA

The much awaited IBA and UFBU meeting was finally held on 14th December, 2013 & as usually, talks failed due to very less offer by IBA, a mere 5% increase is a nonsense. While central Government & State government employees are getting 30 to 40% hike in salaries, why this discrimination towards bankers who are working even up to 9PM to serve the public. 5% for 5 years, just 1% hike every year. Even though UFBU rejected this offer, what UFBU is planning to safeguard our demands.

As a banker, i can say that we deserve double the salary than we are paid now. No department in public domain have this much of work load and pressure.

Some points covered in 14th December 2013 meeting:

From the IBA, it was stated that looking to the stress on the profitability of the
Banks, the increasing cost on account of pension, the declining profits, etc, it
would be difficult to take any additional cost on account of wage increase.

From IBA perspective, they don't want to increase the salary at all. So, 0% hike will be their idea. After lot of explanations by UFBU members about high inflation and increase in operating profits etc., IBA offered 5% increase.

IBA also stated that in regard to officers, they would like to cover the
discussions only upto Scale III officers.

This clearly states that there will be separate negotiations for Scale 4 to Scale 7 Cadres. They might simply offer 0% hike for them.

IBA further stated that the Government is not in favour of our demand for introduction of 5 Days Banking.

Yes. They want 0% hike but 7days working a week.

UFBU informed the IBA that their offer falls too short of our demand and expectation and hence not acceptable to us.

There are numerous reasons for IBA to offer a 5% hike.

1) 1st reason will be the increased and huge competition for bank jobs. Due to this, IBA is not bothered about the talented youngsters. They are very sure that offering high salary is not much needed as everyone is competing for bank jobs at the current level salary.

2) IBA has realised that Union Leaders and Bank Unions are toothless and can only barge and not take action. UFBU & other union leaders who are retired and on the verge retirement should hand over the job to young generation bankers who can challenge the IBA and GoI without any fear. These leaders may think of their own needs i.e., pension. In 9th BPS, There was less hike due to pensioners issue.

Please wakeup union leaders and do something to save our bankers. We are not asking for 40 or 50% hike, just 20% hike will do justice. 5 days banking will be a good news for bankers but GoI wont allow it at any cost. Asking for 5 day week may only delay our wage revision further. Wage revision should be same for all. How they can ignore scale 4 and above officers from wage revision.

"In meeting at Hyderabad (23 Dec 2013), it has been decided to urge upon IBA and the government to resume talks with a better and reasonable offer of wage increase and expedite settlement failing which the unions would go on a 48-hour strike from January 20," United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) convener C H Venkatachalam told PTI.

This is unwanted and unacceptable situation. Once again IBA and GoI showed their negligence towards bankers. Hope, we can see a happy ending in 2014.

I will post 10th Bipartite Settlement News from time to time. Hope for the Best!

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  1. aaj kal to safai karmachari b 15000 se jyada pate h....aur bank clerk bechara subah se sham tak tension me kam krta h..fir b use 14-15k hi aas pas milta hai..kaun krega bank me naukri....aur upar se highly qualified bande milenge inhe..pta ni kya chahte h ye log..