General Awareness Questions Asked in NICL AO Exam 2013 Held on08.09.2013

Dear Students, thanks for sharing general awareness questions with answers asked in NICL AO Exam 2013 Held on 08.09.2013 in Morning Shift & Evening Shifts.

Questions posted by Madhu:

few questions on 08-09-2013 after noon session

infra bonds — given by —- IIFCL
exporters credit will be given by—– ECGC
NRSA located at—– hyderbad
G-20 summit held at — las cabos
banking / finance — demand deposit

Questions posted by Babu:

Some of the Questions in the mornig shift are
1. Golden revolution refers to the developement of
2. World press freedom day
3. Bayanawhich was in news recently is a place in which state?
4. Which is a private sector bank
5. Which bank took over centurian bank of punjab?

Questions posted by Anand:

Morning Shift
General Awareness
1.In 2000 ICC between INDIA and ________
A.Australia B.England C.Westindies D.Pakistan
2.In forest land in INDIA overall ___%
A.12 B.22 C.33 4.14
3.Which Country Among the following highest lietracy rate in 2012?.
A.China B.Srilanka C.China D.Vietnam
4.which state planed to set up Uranaium plant by ndian govt
A.Megahalya B.Manipur C.Assam D.Odisha
5.Which one is related to food security?.
6.Which of the following country awarded highest GDP growth in 2011?.
A.USA B.China C.Japan D.India

Questions posted by Anand:

Some GA questions in todays exam

1.Where was International Physics olympiad held in 2011 – Ans Bangkok
2.National Centre for Plant Biotech located in – Ans New Delhi
3. How much forest cover in India (%) – Ans Approx 23%
4. Which city hosted world biodiversity convention in 2012 – Ans Hyderabad
5. Which country has highest literacy rate as per recent reports. China, India, SL and Vietnam – Ans Vietnam (from wikipedia)

Questions posted by Jas:

1. x persons can finish a work in 30 days. If 6 persons are increased, work can be finished in 10 days less. then find the original persons.
2. national research center for plant biodiversity
3. RAM is used because ?
4. Electronic computer is used for ?
5. On blood relation 2 questions
6. Highest literate among India, China, Srilanka, Vietnam
7. how many bits are there in 8K

Questions posted by KK:

Evening shift
1. Ph 9.2 ans alkaline
2. Nav krishi..ans ddshan
3. Sri tecnology.. ans rice
4. Telcom minster.. ans kpl sibal

Thank you very muchMadhu, Babu, Anand, Jas & KK for posting General Awareness Questions with answers Asked in NICL AO Exam 2013 Held on 08.09.2013.


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