How to Prepare General Awareness Section for IBPS Bank PO & Clerk Exams

Many candidates facing difficulty in scoring good marks or even minimum qualifying marks in general awareness section in IBPS Bank Po & Clerk Exams and RRB Officer Scale 1 & Office Assistant Exams. If you are also having the same problem, this article is for U. I will explain how to prepare for general awareness section in this post.

General awareness section comprises different modules.

1. Banking Awareness

2. Economic Affairs

3. Current Affairs

(a) Sports

(b) Awards

(c) Persons in News

(d) Science and Technology

1. Banking Awareness section is very important. To get good knowledge over this subject, collect the banking related topics that you come across while reading the bits online or in books. Collect all the information related that particular topic and write a notes. For example, take 'nationalisation of banks' topic. You may face questions like, when nationalisation of banks was done, how many banks were nationalised 1st phase, banks nationalised in 1st phase, when another 6 banks were nationalised, what happened to New bank of India, like that you have to prepare complete information regarding that topic. For this topic there is long history. If you collect complete information, it will be useful for interviews also. So that you can revise everything before the exam and you can answer any question related to that topic. Just write the topics you come across in previous exam papers or current affairs questions And write a complete notes on it. Use Wikipedia for the information you want. I will try to post some banking awareness questions. I have already some banking awareness questions for interview. Goto links provided below to read some questions.

Banking Awareness Questions And Answers Set: 1

Banking Awareness Questions And Answers Set: 2

Banking Awareness Questions And Answers Set: 3

2. Economic Affairs: You can apply same strategy for this also. Govt schemes, govt financial moves, bilateral affairs comes under this section.

Government Sponsored Schemes

3. Current Affairs: You have to cover last 6 months current affairs questions. You will get 75% current affairs from last 3 months. First read them before going back. Read the English newspaper daily.

It is useful for current affairs and English section. Write a notes and drill down on the topic you read. suppose, if u read some news about IMF, collect all the data related to IMF like its abbreviation, headquarters, present MD, membership countries, whether India is member of that country or not, why it was established, when it was established. like that.. if you prepare notes like that, u will know the subject completely. if you are good at basics, u can easily answer any question related to IMF.

Likewise, prepare sports topic. Suppose if you read about french open, read completely about that topic. Where french open held this year, who is the winner and who is the runner, country they belongs. French open is a tennis tournament. So, what are other major tennis tournaments. Like that, what are major cricket tournaments, hockey tournament..etc. Know the Ministers in cabinet. Write a complete list. If you read some player won some cup, remember the player name and game he plays.

Write all the presidents or prime ministers of other countries who are in news. What i want you to do is, know the basics of the topic you are reading. Don't blindly read the current affairs or any other section. Write a list of important days and keep reading them. If you are not able to remember them, just leave it.

If you read some awards news, like Dadasaheb phalke award, you have to know who won this award, who is he/she, what was his contribution to get that award, for which field Dadasaheb phalke award is given. Just like that Saraswati Sammon award, etc. There are many awards.

Thats All! This is a post for the candidates who are not able to score minimum score in general awareness section and dont know how to prepare for general awareness section for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exams & also for IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 and Office Assistant Exams. Sorry..I am not able to give replies to your comments for next 10days. I can just update the news on our blog. If Any one of you can answer others queries, try to do that.


  1. sir plz tell me current affairs of whichmonths should i prepare for coming ibps po exam?? plz reply.. my G.A is very poor. what should all i do to clear G.A?

  2. pls this is my last attempt .only 1 time i have ibps exam in which i lost this chance only for 1marks in computer. i m marriedso pls help me to clear any exam of bank.