Bank Probationary Officer Role & Responsibilities

You should know the work you going to perform before preparing for any exam. First thing i want to say about Bank Job (either Clerk or PO) is that it involves financial risk. You should be active in your duties. It is not like other Govt sector jobs. As this topic is about Bank PO, i will talk about PO duties.

Bank PO have to perform any task in bank. Bank PO Responsibilities are: Cash Management, Supervision of Clerical work, Do has to take decisions, Loan Processing and Recovery Loans.

Every bank branch will have certain cash limit. PO should ensure that the avg cash balance limit is maintained or not. You have predict the cash you require on particular day and you should act accordingly. This is called Cash management. You will know the complete details when you join in bank. You may not understand at this point of time.

PO have to verify all the work done by clerk. Maker and Checker are involved in every transaction performed in bank. In case of cash transactions, clerk is a maker and PO is the checker. PO has to check whether Clerk entered everything correctly or not and authorise the transactions. If PO is a maker, Manager is a Checker. In case of loans, usually PO is a maker and Branch Manager is a Checker. Checker is responsible for any loss.

Bank PO have to look after the Loan documentation and visit the party site whenever required. All the Loans word have to be performed by Officer Advances.

PO has to issue check books, ATM cards, DDs, BCs. PO has to Handle customer complaints. You have to be cool and calm while listening to them. Some people will shout. You have to deal them patiently and convince them.

Bank PO have to read all the circulars. If you don't, you will definitely make a mistake and have face the consequences. Bank PO joins the bank as Asst Manager after completion of probation period. There are various responsibilities for Bank PO. It will be assigned to you as per the branch requirement by the Branch Manager.

Career growth in banks is very high compare to any other Govt Job. Promotional prospects are quite higher for those who perform better. There are many more things but these things are basic things that you must know before joining in bank.