IBPS PO 2012 Reallotment Result by March End | IBPS PO RevisedAllotment Result Date

IBPS PO 2012 Re-allotment Result will be released by March End as per the mails received from IBPS to our readers. Iam just sharing the information got from IBPS official email id. I cant do anything if you dont believe these things. IBPS PO Revised Allotment Result Date is March End. One of our readers forwarded this mail to me.

Here is the Email proof:

IBPS PO 2012 Allotment Revised Result Date

There are many rumors spreading on internet. Tension is increasing among the candidates. It is very bad time for us. The situation will become even more worse if the result is delayed like this.

Update: (19th March 7:18PM)

Hello guys, some other guy using my Nick Admin and posting comments like the allotment is going to cancel. Ignore those comments. If the information is that much important, i will definitely publish that information on our website in New posts. If anyone continue this kind of things, i will publish their email ids on our site titled: Item of the Day. Ok.. Here is the Item of the Day: amitanshu156@gmail.com Enjoy folks.