IBPS Clerk Interview 2013 Questions Faced by Abhinav

IBPS Clerk Common Interview experience of Abhinav. Thank You Abhinav for taking time to send all the questions.

Name: ABHINAVAbhinav
D.o.B: 27/01/1992
Centre: Patna
Date: 18/03/2013 (11:00)
Panel: 3
Qual: B.Sc(Hons)

I reached the venue at 10:30 and was told to sit in hall, at 12:00 i
was called in for document verification which completed in 5 minutes,
dey only chckd 10th and Grad. cert in original.
I entered the Interview room at 02:30 pm and greeted all the members
by saying "Gud Afternoon Sirs". There were 4 members.
The questions asked were:
1) Name of Mother and Grandmother?
2) Place of Birth?
3) What is meant by I-Banking?
4) Give your views on the latest bill related to sexual harassment of women?
5) What is the formula to calculate area of a sphere?
6) What is chemical name of Washing Soda?
7) What is Optical Photometry?
8) Who invented ATM?-Asked in Hindi
9) Willing to serve in Capital City of State or remote Village?
10) Define Budget?
11) Writen exam sccore? - (134)

I answered all except question no- 8.

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  1. thnx a lot..to share ur experince

  2. Their are 4 member in panel
    they are asking question related to educational qualification mostly
    i have done MCA I am basically from maharastra....
    FIRST person
    1:why u chose career in bank
    i answerd that career in bank provide job security
    2: What is core banking
    core banking is a online system where u can transfer money from one bank to another
    then they are asking how the process is occur
    i havent answer this question

    RRB working
    total RRB bank in maharashtra and there name
    working area of RRB
    SECOND person
    what is inflation?

    THird Person

    WHAt is GUI

    FORTH person
    Did u read todays news paper
    what r the main heading

    After interview i feel that they are expcting more from me ......

  3. name avinash verma
    d.o.b 9-05-1985
    i was my interview on 22 march
    no. 130
    i was asked
    1. difference between tax theft and tax benifet
    2. difference between planing and development
    3. defination of deprication
    4. where it is posted
    5. defination of pre paid expence and its posting
    6. when bank were nationalished
    7. difference between nationalished bank and private bank
    8. defination of bank rate, slr, plr
    9. about my schooling
    10. balance sheet
    11. current asset and its example
    12 four five more question related to my graguation

    i answered 70% of the question what r my chanches
    plez reply