IBPS Clerk Interview 2013 Questions Faced by Abhinav

IBPS Clerk Common Interview experience of Abhinav. Thank You Abhinav for taking time to send all the questions.

Name: ABHINAVAbhinav
D.o.B: 27/01/1992
Centre: Patna
Date: 18/03/2013 (11:00)
Panel: 3
Qual: B.Sc(Hons)

I reached the venue at 10:30 and was told to sit in hall, at 12:00 i
was called in for document verification which completed in 5 minutes,
dey only chckd 10th and Grad. cert in original.
I entered the Interview room at 02:30 pm and greeted all the members
by saying "Gud Afternoon Sirs". There were 4 members.
The questions asked were:
1) Name of Mother and Grandmother?
2) Place of Birth?
3) What is meant by I-Banking?
4) Give your views on the latest bill related to sexual harassment of women?
5) What is the formula to calculate area of a sphere?
6) What is chemical name of Washing Soda?
7) What is Optical Photometry?
8) Who invented ATM?-Asked in Hindi
9) Willing to serve in Capital City of State or remote Village?
10) Define Budget?
11) Writen exam sccore? - (134)

I answered all except question no- 8.

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