IBPS Clerk Interview 2013 Experience By Our Reader

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience By Our Reader. Here dont want display his name. So, iam not posting his name here. Here is the interview experience of him.

Name Prince

Interview Date 19/03/12

Location Amritsar

Time 1:00PM

Panel 2

My turn came at 4:30pm

I opened the door and asked may I come in.

they said yes come in.

I entered the room.

there were 4 members in the panel 3M 1F.

I wish them Good evening.

they replied but one person argue that do you not know that when we met first time, what we wish.

I replied yes sir I know "Good Morning"(I was thinking to say good morning but that will also arise question why u said good morning)

Why we said Good morning I replied k yeh freshness ka ehsaas dilate hai

whole conversation was in Punjabi

he said yes rite but why you said Good evening

I replied according to time I said good evening

then he asked which one is rite I said both are right..

they said yes both can be said

then he asked what have you done

I replied Master Of Computer Applications.

he said ohhhhh okay

Only one person was asking the question.

one was watching me strangely lady and other persons were arguing some time

Person::: what is S P A M

I said its spam as he was preannouncing it something other.

what is that?

I explained about spams.


Person : What is virus?

I explained about it.


Then what is anti-virus?

I explained about virus

one more question from IT

then they asked how can MCA help u in Banking?

I tell about technologies and IT used in banking system and said being an IT student its going to help me in banking?

then they asked about my village..

person knew about my village.

asked some more question related location.

then asked about my father's occupation.

some more question related to family.

person why u want to join the bank as u are MCA u can earn more than banking by Teaching and tution?

I replied my passion and objective is banking and also there is growth and stability in this field and also its providing lots of opportunity for garaduates and I want to grab one of that.

apko benefits pata hai iske drawbacks pata hai apko..

I was not able to answer these

then they asked about Adhaar card

I replied its used to uniquely identify a person in country

they replied voter card can also do so.

I replied there are Finger print and ratina scan too to do so.

then they said isko technology language mein kya kehtey hai..

I forget at that time I knew the answer

he asked its related to ur field.

I said biometric system

they asked three GK question I was unable to answer. I have read about that but forget the answer.

also asked about bank manager name in our village PNB bank.

At last he said ok Carry On Thank You.

I said thank you and left the room.

how will u rate my answers.

Thank you very much.