IBPS PO 2012 Expected Final Cutoff Marks (Revised) | IBPS PO 2012Allotment Cutoff Marks

IBPS PO 2012 Revised list of expected cutoff marks for allotment. I was miscalculated the number of reserved candidates suitable for UR vacancies. There are 3400 reserved candidates in top 11000 ranks. I thought that 2500 candidates will be suitable for UR vacancies(It was my pure guess). After reading the comments posted on our blog, i went through real figures and found that many reserve category candidates don't have 24 marks in 1 or more sections, which was the minimum pass mark for General category candidates & also the age. I have prepared the list of candidates who are not eligible for UR vacancies even though they are on top. Then prepared the fresh list of cutoff marks. I cant give any guaranty even for this list. I assumed that all the top 22k candidates are going to give preferences.

61.50 to 6258 to 58.5055.50 to 5647 to 48

This is my final decision after looking at real figures. There is no guess work this time.