IBPS PO 2012 Allotment Procedure & Reservation Criteria Explained

I am getting several mails and comments on our site regarding the reservation criteria & allotment procedure. I want to clearly explain all the things in this post.

1st you have to know the following things:

UR vacancies means that they are for all the candidates who have got the final score. Whether they have reservation or no reservation, all are come under UR vacancies. But all the candidates are not eligible for UR vacancies even though they are on top of the list. Let me explain..

For UR vacancies, there is separate eligibility criteria., i.e., Age & Written Exam Cutoff marks (Sectional & Total).

Age: Age should not be more than 30 years for UR candidates, but for reserved candidates, they give relaxation. Those who are having age above 30 years are allowed to write the exam under the relaxed norms. So, they are not eligible for UR vacancies.

Written Exam Cutoff Marks: Written cutoff marks are not equal for all. For General, sectional cutoff is 24 marks but for reserved candidates, it is 21 only. A candidate who secured 21 to 23 marks in one or more sections are allowed to attend interviews under relaxed norms. So, these candidates are eligible only for their respective category vacancies but not UR vacancies because they failed to get 24 marks.

After all this process, some reservation candidates will satisfy the UR eligibility criteria but some some candidates are only eligible for their respective category vacancies. Is it clear now?

How the ranks will be decided

If 2 candidates have same marks, Ranks are allotted based on the age & written exam subject wise marks (They set some subjects as important).

Now, let me explain how the allotment will be done based on the preferences and marks.

First they have to fill UR vacancies. As i have already explained above, those who are eligible for UR vacancies will be considered for allotment. 1st ranker will get his 1st preference. If there are no vacancies in his 1st preferences, then his 2nd preference will be considered. Like this they will allot any one bank for merit listed candidates.

Case:1: One guy asked me that, Mr. X 1st preference is Allahabad Bank and Mr. Y who have more marks than X has given Allahabad as 3rd preference. Who will be allotted for Allahabad Bank (Consider that for Mr. Y, there are no vacancies in 1st & 2nd preference)?

Ans. As the allotment is based on merit, Mr. Y will get job in Allahabad even though it is his 3rd preference. If there are any vacancies in Allahabad Bank whenever Mr. X turn comes, then only he will get Allahabad Bank allotment. Topper has to get any one allotment before proceeding to next candidate.

Case:2: In case of reservation candidates, lets say OBC: Mr X, OBC candidate has given Allahabad as his 1st preference, but there are no vacancies in Allahabad Bank in UR category. But Allahabad OBC vacancies are available., then how the allotment will be done?

Ans: In this type of cases, Mr X will get job in Allahabad bank from OBC vacancies.

I have already explained all these things in different posts. Some people are missing some my posts and asking the same things again & again. That's why i have posted all these things in this page.. Ok .. Stop Commenting nonsense. If you still have any doubts, comment below. I will add that issue to this list with answer.