How to Prepare for SBI PO Exam 2013 | SBI PO 2013 Syllabus in Detail

SBI PO Exam 2013 exam is scheduled to held on 28.04.2013. Everybody asking how to prepare for SBI PO 2013 Exam. So, let me explain here. This post is for newcomers.

There 4 sections in SBI PO Exam 2013.
1. Reasoning
2. Data Analysis & Interpretation
3. English Language
4. General Awareness/Marketing/Computer Knowledge

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All sections carry 50 marks.

1. Reasoning: Questions are related to following topics.

Syllogism: There will be 2 or 3 statements followed by 2 conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true and then decide which of given conclusions logically follows from given statements.

Data Sufficiency: One question followed by 2 statements will be given. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.

Coding - Decoding: Some data will be given with its codes. Ex: book is coded as hlt. You have to answer the questions based on the given codes.

Seating Arrangement: Some information will be provided related the seating positions. you have to figure out correct seating arrangement based on given data and answer the questions. If you can prepare the seating arrangement, you can easily answer the question. You have to concentrate more to solve this type of questions.

Greater than, Less than, Equality Relationship: Statements contain the relationship between different elements will be shown. You have to decide whether the Conclusions given follows the relation given in statements

There will be some single items {Please refer previous exam papers to know more)

Statement & Arguments: Statements and arguments will be given. You have to decide which of given arguments are strong and which are weak argument related to the given statement.

Statement & Course of Action: Some situation will be given in statement followed by course of actions. You have to decide which of given course of actions logically follows for pursuing.

Blood Relations: Based on given blood relationships, you to answer the questions.

Non Verbal Reasoning: 4 question figures will be given. You have to decide which among the answer figures follows as 5th figure.

To get good marks in SBI PO 2013 Exam, You have to practice more. Reasoning section is toughest section compare to any other section in my point of view because if cant concentrate at that point of time, you will loose marks even though you know the procedure to solve that question. So, sleep well before the exam. This is very important to answer reasoning section. Why i am saying this is, i have seen many candidates traveling at night before the exam day. It may sound silly for some of you, but it is true. You cant solve questions if don't sleep well. Ok..

2. Data Analysis & Interpretation:

To score good marks in this section, you have to be quick in solving mathematical calculations. First, learn mathematical tables from 2 to 20. Many might have forgot the tables after 12 or 13. So, read them first. Know some shortcuts from your seniors. I have posted some tricks in Quantitative Aptitude section.

We can expect all the questions on data analysis. Iam not expecting any quantitative aptitude questions like, time and work type of questions.

Data Analysis & Interpretation mainly contains, Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, Tables, Graphs, Probability & Data Analysis.

Just practice 30 previous PO exam papers to quickly solve questions of Data Analysis & Interpretation.

3. English Language

Comprehension Passage, Cloze test, Meanings & Opposite Words, Common Errors, Grammatical Errors, Filling the blanks, Rearranging sentences to form meaning paragraph. I am expecting 2 Comprehension passages.

I recommend you to read comprehensions, if you have time at last, because if you are not able to understand in the middle of the passage, your time will be wasted. If you want to answer early, Dont spend too much of time for it. Set some time for it and follow the same. Many canidates spending too much of time to read passages. If you are also like that, it is better to skip it and answer the Meanings and Opposite words questions just by reading the bold sentence. I strongly recommend you to learn the grammer part as much you can. If you are good at grammar, you can answer easily within less amount of time. It is very important in PO exams, that you have to know which things you have to leave. You cant solve all the question 2 hours. So, plan it before the exam. If you are taking too much of time while practicing for some type of questions, try to find ways to solve in less and learn shortcuts from friends. If there is no way to reduce the time to solve that particular type of question, just leave it. OK..

There will be 20 questions from grammar section. If you can answer at least 15, you will be in safe zone. I recommend all of you to write notes. Collect 30 previous PO exam papers, buy a note book and note down the error in particular sentence. Read all the things that you have wrote before the exam day. Revision is very important for English.

Cloze test is also easy part if you read previous papers.

4. General Awareness/Marketing/Computer Knowledge:

This is the easy section in Bank PO Exam. For GK, Read the questions posted on our website and read past 6 months Current Affairs questions i.e., Nov, Dec 2012 & Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 2013. 70 to 80% of the current affairs questions will be from from Jan, Feb & Mar 2013.

For marketing and computer knowledge, preparing previous papers is enough. Also focus on MS office tools.

5.Descriptive: Descriptive paper contains, Letter Writing, Precise Writing & Questions based on comprehension passage. I will try to post some models. Ok..

Overall, I recommend you to practice Previous 30 Bank PO exam papers for All Sections.

If you have any doubts on how to prepare for SBI PO Exam 2013, feel free to ask me in comments section. All The Best!..