Marks You Need to Score in IBPS Clerk Exam (Online) December 2012

As we all know, IBPS Clerk Exam 2012 is going to start from 15th December 2012. So, I want to inform the realities behind the cutoff marks in each section. As you see in marks declared by IBPS in previous clerk and PO exams, they have mentioned that 24 is cutoff for 50 marks and 19 is the cutoff for 40 marks. Due to this many candidates are trying to mark the answers even though they don’t know the answers to reach the cutoff marks. Here are the real cutoff marks you need to score in each section in IBPS Clerk Exam 2012.

Reasoning: 9 to 12 (Out of 40)

English: 8 to 10 (Out of 40)

Numerical Ability: 10 to 12 (Out of 40)

General Awareness: 10 to 12 (Out of 40)

Computer Knowledge: 11 to 14 (Out of 40)

You try to answer at least 10 to 12 questions correctly in any section. So, Target above 12 in each section to be in safe zone. Also high scoring is very important to get job. You need to target total 140 marks above to get confirm job. 140 are not TWS, it is real marks. Ok. Try to score as much as possible. In clerk exams, it is not that tough to score 140 marks. You make your own target in each section to reach above 140 marks. If you are not efficient, try to score minimum 120 marks to get common interview chance. So, don’t mark answers if you don’t know the answer to reach 19 marks out 40. 19 is not actual cutoff mark. So, here is the final note i.e., Try to answer at least 10 questions correctly out of 40 in each section and at least 120 marks in total out of 200. Ok. All The Best! Guys. I wish All Our BankClerkPO.Com visitors, a very grand Success in IBPS Clerk Online Exam 2012.