Chances for getting Interview for Your IBPS PO 2012 TWS Score | IBPS PO2012 TWS Score Range Estimation

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As we all know, IBPS released the TWS score of all the candidates who appeared for IBPS PO 2012 CWE Exam held on 17th June 2012. I already informed the cutoff marks for IBPS PO 2012 on Total TWS score. Many of you writing comments about your chance of getting score for the TWS score you got in IBPS PO 2012 results.

I was not able to answer all the candidates individually. So, i decided to write a post on your chances of getting interview. Here are my views on the possibility of getting interview and final selection. (Please read the post completely)

Chances of getting interview and Final selection in IBPS PO 2012 for the TWS score:

CategoryInterview & Final Selection

Note: This my personal view and there is no guaranty. Marks may increase or decrease based on the performance in interview by you. It is also depends on number of vacancies. I will revise this list once IBPS release the real score range of the candidates. IBPS didn't confirmed the news of Common interview in the result status page. If IBPS conduct common interview, all the passed candidates will get interview chance as there only 61k candidates passed the exam. This  post is not to demotivate anyone. If common interview come into play from now itself, you are all lucky people. All of you will get interview. I also considered the results of Poll held on our site. Thanks for participating. Please post your views in the comments section.