How To Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

Don't neglect Quantitative Aptitude for Bank PO (Probationary Officer) exam and Numerical Ability section in Bank Clerk exams, because these sections are the deciding factors in both clerk and PO exams. So, you have to spend more time on Maths section while preparing for Bank exams. The more you practice, the less you spend time in exam for this section.

So, Start practicing TODAY...

We recommend you to follow our 3 level approach.

Step: 1. Before learning concepts and solving questions, you need to become a master in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

i) Learn the TABLE up to 20 at least. If you know the tables, you can solve very easily. so, do it.

ii) Learn some Multiplication Tricks.

iii) Know the divisibility Rules.

iv) Learn how to find Square of a number quickly.

v) Learn how to find Cube of a number quickly.

Step: 2. After you complete task 1, then learn the concepts of each and every topic in the syllabus of Bank PO and Clerk Exams.

Step: 3. After 1 and 2, Start practicing previous exam papers. With out knowing the concepts, you will get confused while solving problems. So, follow these steps.

                       This is our recommended approach for those candidates who are appearing fro bank clerks and probationary officer posts exam.